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we must defeat them at the polls. we must take november as our day and we mustçó rise of across america. we must tellçó america, we will not tolerate it anymore. we must feed them on our knees. -- we must defeat them on our knees. if god is for us, there is no abortionist in this place or in hell that can stand against us. all children, all babies, are worthy alike. god bless you, and god bless america. çó>> that is the way we were abe to put on these activities. we have a student contests program for essays and poland's for high school and junior high students. -- essays andñrÑi poems. we want to announce the winners of six of the categories. i am going to ask our students to come forward. Ñifirst will be our high school essay winner. >> i am from newardk, delaware. >> and our high school point winner. ñr>> i am from cincinnati, ohio. >> and our high school poster winter. >> i am from baltimore, maryland. >> and our junior high poem winner. >> i am fromÑi white plains, new york. >> and our junior high poster winner. >> i am from owens bill, ky. >> we are very proud of our stud
grip in d.c. is broken and will bring jobs back to america. are they right? >> welcome to cashing in. the crew this week, wayne rogers, jonathan honey, joan mass, max ferris, tracy byrnes and john layfield. welcome back to everybody. john, union power takes a hit and that's good for jobs? how so. >> you better believe it's good for jobs. this is great for america. scott brown getting elected is a direct blow to obama's open agenda to take care of unions and let the rest of the taxpayers in america pay fortunes. look, observe -- obama wants his money back. america in massachusetts said we want our country back. this bogus healthcare plan and stimulus plan and putting our country on the the verge of bankruptcy, america said enough. if you're an incumbent, get ready. i wish something worse could happen to those guys. >> is that good for jobs if the unions are losing wow in washington? >> what an overstatement of massachusetts. the unions aren't losing power. this is a wake-up call to the unions, the same unions that put $80 million in republican campaigns, showed up in a voting block of
arabia? >> well, the obvious is 9/11 for america. 15 of the 19 hijackers are saudis. i tried to explain in my book how it was basically a saudi quarrel fought out on american soil with american victims. al qaeda, bin laden dedicated to bringing down the house of saad couldn't do it in saudi arabia with the near enemy as they called him so they came to america and attacked the far enemy. you paid the price for your years of friendship and closeness with saudi arabia. tavis: i was about to ask why did we end up being at the top of that list. you explain it now. you talk about it in the book, the price that we had to pay for our friendship with the saudis. >> well, it's america who exploited, discovered and developed saudi oil. back in the 1930's, the saudis chose america rather than the british, rather than us because we had been meddling in the middle east. the king of saudi arabia at the time liked the idea that america were far away. they would come and develop the oil and go away. america is on the other side of the world. after the war, the second world war, suddenly, saudi arabia di
in america. we think of the jobs that exist here in washington, whether it's the president or vice president or members of the cabinet. but you're on the ground every day. you're in the neighborhoods. you're with real people. and nobody knows more than you do that the real -- the needs of america. and so i'm just really delighted to have a chance to be with all of you and to listen to you. i know the recession has taken a great toll. we think we've tried to -- we have made a difference at the department of transportation. i want you to know -- i know you know this and i know you'll hear this this afternoon. but president obama and all of us at the administration are redoubling our efforts this year to find new ways to grow the economy and create the jobs your communities depends on. as most of you know, i traveled last year to 66 cities. and i met many of you. and i've seen some of the amazing things that you're doing in your communities and some of the amazing products that are transforming sprawling, 21st century cities to green, clean accessible hubs of activity where people choose to liv
occupation of cuba territory. most of latin america history have some knowledge of castro's hostility towards the base. but what is generally not known is that from the early 1900s to the present, guantanamo has also been a sight for diplomatic accommodation, compromise, and cooperation. the terms dictated by the platt amendment only stated that the united states would buy or lease naval or station, buy or lease them. in cuba. it did not specify a number of such stations, nor their locations. that was a matter of negotiated compromise between the cuban president and theodore rooseve roosevelt, that the united states would obtain really only one major naval station and that would be guantanamo, not havana. now, obviously, the united states has always had the upper hand in these negotiations. when i say diplomatic compromise, i'm not suggesting that the two parties started on a level playing field. that certainly would not be the case. the second major compromise occurred in 1934 when the united states abrogated the platt amendment, which had become an increasingly unpopular with the various se
't for sea sickness, everyone should like to be a sailor. duty was to map the coastline of south america. and so we proceeded down the coast, and on the way, i dredged the sea with nets and i collected specimens along the shore, wore a hat like this one and every day, just after the sailors had finished swabbing the deck, i would load it up with hundreds of new specimens to be sorted and labeled. they soon became distinctly air aromatic in the equatorial sun. one sailor asked me, mr. darwin, would you mind getting that stinking pile of ripe refuse off my deck? stinking pile of refuse. but there are so many wonderful things here. ♪ some day people will pay just to see them on display, at the british museum ♪ ♪ i've dug in the ground and these rocks that i found have the features of creatures no longer around ♪ ♪ here are trilobyte beds by the ton ♪ ♪ what a glorious day, what a wonderful way to have fun ♪ ♪ i've searched by the shore and collected some more ♪ ♪ worms and star wish and gar fish and gobies galore ♪ i've got shark eggs and sea weed and slime ♪ ♪
determination. let us move on with the powerful days, days of challenge what america ought to be. we have an opportunity to make america a better nation. who doesn't believe that. come on, it's going to be a great hour. is. [ applause ] >> glenn: hello america. i have to tell you, i have a really bad cold and i'm losing my voice. that is why charles payne is with me. he was with me on the last time to be heard special that we did. i'm asking charles if my voice starts -- because i'm so emotional, if my voice starts to go that charles will step in for me a little bit. i couldn't say that i was going to cancel the show today because if you remember right, the last time we did this, i had to cancel because i went in the hospital with appendicitis. today i'm losing my voice. i think i guys are trying to kill me. [ laughter ] we do have charles payne with us fox network business contributor. and first guest, lisa a take show guest. ruth gilbert and eaton white, a commentator for hip-hop republican. and, of course, the audience, you guys are never shy. i want to start with the news of the day.
you. >> glor: still ahead on tonight's cbs evening news, where america stands-- how close are we to predicting earthquakes in time? >> glor: following the horrendous earthquake in haiti, a new cbs news poll finds just 34% of americans believe the u.s. is prepared for a major earthquake here. 59% believe it is not. many feel that underscores the need for a system of accurate and timely prediction. our science and technology correspondent daniel sieberg lays out the challenge as cbs reports "where america stands." >> reporter: in the past 20 years, there have been 26 earthquakes measuring 6.5 or higher in places like san francisco and northridge, california. they turn high rises into rubble. they happen without warning. explain our report card shows america gets mixed grades when it comes to preparing for and predicting earthquakes. overall researchers tell us america gets a b-plus for knowing what causes earthquakes but a c-plus when it comes to securing infrastructure. short-term predictions are simply not possible yet and earthquakes could happen in places you wouldn't expect,
politicians in america there at that time. he knew i would be a political problem for them. he started making my life interesting. he was tickineting my car wherever i part. the attorney general investigated why the city police were tapping my office phones. it was a really frustrating time. i began to question why i got involved with government, why i even did this. i was doing a good job as a young attorney. i was thinking government was not the answer. this was a waste of my time. i was coming home that night. i was living in high-rise housing. the tenant president as i was walking home greeted me. she asked me what was wrong. i told her i did not have time, i just wanted to go home. she told me not to walk past year and to come give her a hug -- she told me not to walk past her and to give her a hug. [laughter] these are the times when you want to go home and go to bed. here i was hugging this woman. she asked me what was wrong. i was angry. i have vented on her a year of frustration. she is a woman of dignity. she is small but she is a figure you can look up to. she looked at me with her
of this evening's talking points memo. the radical radio network air america has announced it is all over. they are out of business. no surprise, since that operation was never successful. here is a surprise. last tuesday, when the massachusetts votes were being counted, fox news had almost 6 times as many viewers as msnbc in prime time, 5 times the audience of cnn. that's not a victory. that's a massacre. sean hannity, greta, and myself totally wiped out our cable news competition on perhaps the most important news day of the year. to have perspective the factor at 8 on tuesday night beat all of abc' prime time programming that evening. now, most of the liberal media ignored that story and will not tell you how dominant fox news has become. that's why many newspapers are failing. they as isimply don't tell you e truth. writings in the miami geraldo tv critic glenn garr vin did tell the truth quote: >> bill: talking points believes it's important that you, the concerned american citizen, understand exactly what's going on here. take a look at this graph put out by johnny dollar on the net
, america is not too keen on that either. according to a new gallup survey, 55% want democrats to immediately suspend work on their health care reform bill and consider alternatives. the only good news i have for the president is the week is almost over. there's a lot of football this weekend. apparently he couldn't let the week pass without talking about his favorite subject, himself. look at today's white house orchestrated town hall event in ohio. >> what does it mean for obama? obama is just trying to perpetrate big government. obama is trying to cut medicare. there's some who think if obama loses, we win. >> sean: joining me reaction to all this karl rove the architect. i guess talking in the third person -- did you notice how angry he was today? >> yeah, absolutely. he did try and cut medicare. there was a reason people were saying that he laid out a plan to cut medicare by 456 billion dollars. of course people were saying obama is trying to cut medicare. i was amazed about that speech, he went on to say, look i've been trarpbs transparent in washington that's why people
-business. as for the number one priority, health care reform, america is not too keen on that either. according to a new gallup survey, 55% want democrats to immediately suspend work on their health care reform bill and consider alternatives. the only good news i have for the president is the week is almost over. there's a lot of football this weekend. apparently he couldn't let the week pass without talking about his favorite subject, himself. look at today's white house orchestrated town hall event in ohio. >> what does it mean for obama? obama is just trying to perpetrate big government. obama is trying to cut medicare. there's some who think if obama loses, we win. >> sean: joining me reaction to all this karl rove the architect. i guess talking in the third person -- did you notice how angry he was today? >> yeah, absolutely. he did try and cut medicare. there was a reason people were saying that he laid out a plan to cut medicare by 456 billion dollars. of course people were saying obama is trying to cut medicare. i was amazed about that speech, he went on to say, look i've been trarpbs transparen
>> glenn: welcome to a special edition of the glenn beck program. the story of america is one of self-reliance and optimism, and profound faith. not only in the context of religious freedom, but also in the unprecedented faith in the ability of human beings to control their own destiny. while the spirit of personal responsibility was strong with our founders, great patriots like thomas payne, he argued for redistribution of wealth off the bat. and alexander hamilton wanted a central bank. they wound up losing those battles but plenty kept can on fighting. the constitution kept those dogs at bay for better part of 200 years. eventually those seeking a different path than the ones the founders settled on realized the only way to really defeat the constitution was for the people to stop reading it. progressives realized victory required changing history. to defeat them, we have to correct that. progressives know how powerful history is. when these truths get told and the lies get corrected, the game is going to be on. it's pulling the mask off the monster. next week, we'll dive d
-steagall, but they certainly would have prevented citigroup and bank of america from getting too big, don't you think? >> they would help to prevent the conflict of interest that i was mentioning. i think they would have created some fire walls. clearly, we needed to do some work to create the fire walls. >> it's the overleveraging that really needs to be clamped down on. do you think that would be? >> major issues, and the other issues was the off balance sheet of vehicles that were used for more speculative action. >> off balance sheets vehicle is where you can pile debt into these structured investment vehicles and keep them off of your balance sheet. why is this allowed to go on today? >> i'm surprised instead of going that direction, which has created problems, because remember enron came by that situation, we are not moving to fix this problem. i think there is a little bit of politics played by the white house yesterday. they came after the banks wednesday. these are an easy whipping boy looking for the election coming later in the year. >> if these proposals become involved in the overall fin
in the white house just focused on manufacturing, because it is my view that america's got to make things. [applause] not all the manufacturing jobs that have gone are going to come back. and if people tell you they are, that's just not true -- because a lot of that has moved to places where the wages are just much lower. and i know that some people say, well, then we should just set up tariffs so that folks can't ship them in. but these days the economy, the global economy is so interconnected that that's just not a practical solution. the solution is to find -- and i don't know the details of the steel mill here -- but i know that the ones that have been successful, they do what emc is doing as well, which is you find what's the high- end market. what's the market that involves a lot of technology, specialization, highly trained workers, quick turnarounds to spec so that the customers really feel like they're getting something special and different -- that's how you compete, so finding ways to develop specialty steels and so forth, that's going to be the key. our manufacturing office wi
, the pundits said, people have spoken-- 100,000 of them, at least-- and america is red again.ñr listen to the right's partisan boom box: >> republicans are starting to go where no republicans have gone before-- places, strange places, for republicans-- like new jersey, and possibly now massachusetts. >> tonight everything-- yes, everything-- is turned upside down. the political impossible has happened. >> this was a center-right country, even in massachusetts, repudiating a left agenda. this is not rocket science. >> moyers: but let's get another take on the news from two avowed progressives known for their candor and clarity. melissa harris-lacewell is an associate professor of politics and african american studies at princeton university. her commentary and analysis have appeared in publications across the country. she's at work on a new book titled, "sister citizen: a text for colored girls who've considered politics when being strong wasn't enough." eric alterman is distinguished professor of english and journalism at brooklyn college, and a professor of journalism at the city univ
>>> america's economy on the brink. >> hbo when you make the movie about this whole nbc late-night fiasco, i would like to be played by academy award winning actress tilda swinton. >> oh, boy. didn't like that one. hasta la vista. conan o'briening laughing all the way to the bank. i'm sure we'll see him again. see you again at the 2:00 eastern hour, and the dolans will be with me. much more straight ahead. >>> an economy on the brink. banks failing on wall street. the housing market collapses, weighed down by risky mortgages. the stock market plummets. credit lines run dry. americans lose confidence, and lose jobs. >> so help you god. >> so help me god. >> president barack obama takes the oath of office and promises to jump-start the economy in the form of a massive stimulus bill. >> these are extraordinary times and it calls for swift and extraordinary action. >>> and swift and extraordinary action he delivered with the stroke of a pen on february 17, 2009, president obama signed into law the biggest stimulus package in the history of the country. welcome to our special edit
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to be sure we are offering of nsl brought the of protection that it's going to keep us from making america a safer, our military seaver and avoiding these kinds of tragedies and i'm not clear we are at that point today with the publication of this amex. >> may i make one very quick observation? in order for the american people to understand this part of the process we had five teams and one of the team still with the issues as prescribed in the terms of reference and secretary west indicated three the look up the gaps, the weaknesses, the application here. so that it is clear we thought through the longer term process the person that headed the effort to was a four-star general from the united states army, and it is not just coincidence that he has already been given the task by the secretary of the army. we recommended the secretary of defense refer the findings we have in hand to the secretary of the army and the secretary of the armenian to the same officer to proceed with the case in order to speed the process and a rapidly come to a judgment of accountability. >> thank the gentleman.
important initiative that gets people working immediately. jobs here in america. we think that's very important. it also tries to help states so they're not laying off teachers and policemen and firemen. we think that's very important as well. but let me say something. i did a little -- i get a little confused and perhaps these facts are not well known to you, but i thought i would remind you of these facts. we pursued an economic program that your party put forward from 2001, 2003 on for eight years. now while the people gave us the majority in the house and senate in 2006, obviously president bush threatened to or did, in fact, veto any changes that we made in economic policy. that economic policy which you were a very strong supporter of and your party was a very strong supporter of, you continue to mention jobs. so i want to make sure you know these statistics. in the last three months of the bush administration under the economic policies that not only did you pursue then but you still want to pursue, because, in fact, the proposals that you had made essentially mirror the propos
, because i believe in a brighter future for america. >> at the tail end of a week probably most democrats want to forget, president obama not so quietly transitioned back into campaigner road. picking a populist fight with wall street and whoever in politics will stand in the way of his economic agenda. now, this is not new in terms of policy, but president obama taking it in this way with this kind of a rally on the road in a very familiar battleground state sort of proof positive that the calendar has flipped to 2010 and democrats have elections to win. much of president obama's fire today was directed toward wall street, which happens to be, "a," a very soft target right now, and, "b," pretty good politics, since it's an i shall ew that republicans are on the very unpopulist side of. >> we're having a fight right now because i want to charge wall street a modest fee to repay taxpayers in full for saving their skins in a time of need. we want our money back. we want our money back. and we're going to get your money back, every dime. each and every dime. >> who would be opposed to someth
is in order for more than 75 haitian babies and toddlers coming to america tonight. more could be processed soon. fox news. >> martin o'malley sent a letter to the press secretary robert gates for help in transporting supplies. the equipment would be used to establish and run two operating rooms. >>> it has been a year since president obama took the oath of office so where does the state of the union stand? >> and republicans prepare their response. >>> plus vice president joe biden in iraq to help the country gear up for elections. but he comes with a special message for iraq. >>> and an ambulance finds itself in its own emergency. patients on board, no less. back after this.  >>> it has been a year since president obama took the oath of office. so wednesday the president gives his state of the union address which he'll lay out his plans for economy and health care. republicans will be watching and preparing to respond. >> the president is now moving from a tight focus on health care to one on the economy. that change of emphasis is what we expect to see in his first officia
cities. >> our fish give is middle white america. that's -- initiative is middle white america. that's the one that needs a little feel good nostalgic, this was fun like i remember. >> we fought so long to be able to get african-americans into major sports. and now to try to return back to the all white kind of play is ridiculous. >> lewis says the league will start in june. >>> in tonight's fox 5 top five, some relief at the gas pump and creditors looking at your facebook friends. laura evans explains. >> reporter: brian, do you have any financially responsible friends? number five tonight, you might think about adding those contacts to your twitter or facebook account. it could improve your chances of getting a loan. some lenders are now reportedly checking out social networking profiles to get a better read on potential clients and whether you're a potential risk. >>> want to translate your baby's cries? there's an ap for that. hold the baby up to the iphone and the translator will tell you whether your baby is hungry, tired, sleepy, stressed or uncomfortable. it meshes itself pit
, america. >> good morning. it's saturday, january 23rd. and that star-studded telethon, raising millions of dollars for haiti. it comes just as we're learning this morning that the haitian government has declared the search and rescue effort is over now. but there were people rescued yesterday. >> ten days after. >> unbelievable stories. i just got back from covering haiti. very painful to see all this first-hand. but really good to see people opening their hearts and their wallets last night. and they need it. >> and it's good to see you in the flesh. >> thank you. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you. we haven't been together. >>> i was in afghanistan before the quake hit. and now that tension has shifted a bit, i want to bring you some moments from over there. see how our boys are doing in the mountains along the pakistan border. living in a place called the valley of death. >> reflections from both of us coming up from both those places. >>> on a much lighter note. did you see conan last night? >> he went out with kind of a whimper. >> he had a funny week, though. with all of
, what does the thursday campaign mean for america? beats us. plus, did america use an earthquake weapon to devastate haiti? some say no, but one south american dictator says si. and what is tiger woods going through at mississippi's general path sexual rehab center? hopefully not waitresses. it is dictation preceding my imitation the other emcees are an animation. when i'm finish you will see reality. i always speak with mentality. >> that was the best one yet. >> it might be the last one. >> i don't know. i think you can keep going with that. keep pushing it, my friend. >>> let's welcome our delicious, delectible and devilish guest. she is the loveliest treat on the news beat. she is so electrifing, the police only need to shout her name instead of using tasers. wow. and ron is back and better than ever. author of "the bachelor chronicles" and he is should sharp you can use his hair to trim your hedges. >> he is the family to my circus and the bloom to my county and the orphan to my annie. he is bill shultz. he scleeps on a mattress with stale rice crispies and broken dreams. and she i
america to start the show. what's up? >> caller: hey, i'm confused, jim. the end of december you listed amd as a buy. and i put a lot of weight on your buy recommendation, and after doing additional research, i ended up buying the stock this last wednesday. then last night just three weeks after you listed it as a buy, you changed your mind and said you listed it as a sell. what gives? >> okay. i recommended it two, four, six, eight, it went to nine and change, i still liked it at nine, i got the great quarter, stock didn't go up much, i said i'm not going to give back the gain i got back from two, and four and six and eight and my goal is to try to make the maximum number of people money as best as i can. and that's why i had to say sell. because i felt that was the last good quarter. i was not impressed with that quarter. they should have done a better job, not me. arthur in new york. arthur? oh, i'm in one of those moments where i'm so glad that the show is, you know, able to -- no, i'm out here, i'm going. how about arthur in new york? >> caller: boo-yah, jim. >> and who do we have
to send aid to haiti. 170 million-dollar from the u.s. government and 100 million from corporate america. tens of millions from private citizens but that's not enough for one professor at colombia university. he wants to tax wall street bonuses to fund long herm aid. tax for a good cause but is it a good idea? >> brenda, i don't think it is. i'm in favor of the humanitarian aid the united states gifts and all in favor of charity. people give what they want to will personally or a corporation but going after specific industries smacks of the latest populism. why not go after the guys at google or apple or the unions that are flush with money. maybe about after george champion y he had a great year. when you start to target individual industries, it's absolutely the wrong thing to do. >> wall street's an easy target. >> very easy target. there's $522 billion of unspent money. to -- look, i get it, you don't like wall street bonuses, there's a recession, a lot of people are out of work but you can't tax things you don't like. gary's right, add a cigarette tax for beer tax or speeding tax or
, america is taking over, viv va america. that shows pretty much, they want america to come in and you mentioned the coordination, it is still unclosure to me who is completely running the show. those first couple of days were absolutely chaos. >> the haitian government is meeting outdoors. >> right. and i don't know where the haitian government has been in all of this, which is one of the reasons that the haitians were excited to see the americans. >> realizing how chaotic and the vast scale, how do you evaluate how effectively the -- the u.s. frses and other forces who are there are doing at stribting aid and at doing whatever they can to make the situation better. >> john, it is such a complicated process. it is heartbreaking in that sense because you -- you want people to just rush in this and get that aid out. in many ways you can't do that. people ask me a lot, why don't they drop food in the city. they're doing air drops outside the city, with parachutes and food outside the city. but in the city, you just can't do it. you'll kill people. i saw one day, it is the single helicopt
meeting their families here in america. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we actually have an astounding story to show you coming out of the tragedy in haiti, but first here tonight and briefly, a story you may have heard something about late in the day today. the british are saying a terrorist attack is, "highly likely" though they say there is no evidence it is imminent. the threat is to be from the arabian peninsula branch of al qaeda. we'll begin with a brief update from our own pete williams in our washington newsroom. pete, what's this all about? >> reporter: officials here and in london say this amounts to the british government catching up to what the u.s. did last week when airline security w further tightened. the uk threat level was raised today to what's called severe, the second highest level there it's a response, officials say, to a stream of intelligence, suggesting that al qaeda terrorists in yemen are determined to carry out more attacks against the west. many possible threats are in that stream. none
there or does america have a bigger responsibility here? we'll hear from both sides of this debate. and we want you to weigh in on it as well. so send me some of your comments on twitter or facebook or myspace. >>> and cnn correspondents have been all over the haiti earthquake story. all over the region. it's tough to do. look at them. they're pulling bodies out of there. people are suffering there. can you imagine covering every day and keeping your composure? one of our reporters back from the quake zone shares her experience. the 2009 top safety pick? the class leader in highway fuel economy? or a 2009 consumer guide best buy? how about all of the above? the eight passenger buick enclave. may the best car win. some people say it's the rich, world's bvolcanic soilcome from. the eight passenger buick enclave. that makes our potatoes so special. or maybe the pure water. whatever it is, idaho potatoes are a delicious part of a healthy diet. with zero fat or cholesterol, and only 110 calories, and they taste great. a great value, only about ¢.25 each. always look for the grown in idaho seal. gen
years. >> i'm a democrat, but i'm not here so that the democratic party trumps everything in america. it's got to be -- it's got to do what's right for america. >> reporter: like you as a republican would say the same? >> precisely the same. >> reporter: both men say senator-elect brown's win in massachusetts proves they're right. brown, like kucinich and johnson, has an independent streak. what do you hope president obama will say in his state of the union? >> i hope he says that we want to reach out to all people in the process and come up with a product, not only on health care, but on foreign policy and others that will work for america. >> reporter: and then actually do it. >> well, i hope he smiles and says, i hear you. i hear you loud and clear. and that we're going to direct our policies accordingly. >> reporter: back to senator-elect brown for a moment. he told the senator leadership when he was in d.c. he's no rubber stamp. t"the washington post" is reporting that brown saying he had wide support and wants to be inclusi inclusive. he also said, you know, name calling on all tha
planned to make almost 3 million cars and trucks here in north america in the next three months - up 69% from the first three months of 2009. we also passed a recovery act to pull our economy back from the brink. there has been a misunderstanding about the recovery act. if you ask the average person, if they would say it was the bank bailout. let me just be clear here. the recovery act -- tax cuts for working families and 7 different tax cuts for small businesses so they can start up, and grow, and hire. unemployment insurance. we made cobra cheaper. we gave aid to states to help them through these tough times. we made the largest investment in infrastructure since the done. storm has passed. but families like yours and communities like elyria are still reeling from the devastation left in its wake. folks have seen jobs you thought would last forever disappear. they can do things that cannot be shipped off to china comic as they are so attuned to their customers' needs. they have 77 employees. now they have 44. they want to start hiring back. it is going to take a little time. they are
the most popular sport on the planet. except, of course, in america. so when the world famous david beckham went looking for a new team to play for, who expected him to come to the states? >> the decision to join the galaxy wasn't hard. >> $250 million over five years is what david will make. >> i'm coming there not to be the superstar. i'm coming there to be part of the team on the american side. it's very exciting for me and my family as well. ? fans have endured a century worth of failure and bad cluck. in 2003 the team was within five outs to the trip to the world series when madam misfortune reared her ugly head yet again. >> down the left-field line. into >> awfully close to interference right there. that was very, very close. >> that's a tough way to try to make that catch. >> why? here at wrigley when the opposing teal hit the home run, they throw the ball back onto the field. i'm surprised someone hasn't thrown that fan onto the field. >>> the 2007 dallas dominated tba'slar seas qualified for postseason on the final day of the regular season. somebody forgot to tell the warriors th
of bankrupt green bay packers, america's crack political reporters went, supreme court, boring. let's talk about john edwards' love child. that will affect people's lives. not the court and john edwards. i can live with that. i'm in tv. i've made choices like that. "nightline" and "good morning america," reports the huffington post, between them two minutes coverage of the supreme court decision, more than half an hour on edwards. newspapers and online sites were nearly as blinkered. some fear right wing media bias. the real threat to journalism and thus to democracy is its blinding lack of thought, of effort, of imagination. as i said in sports, get a roll of stamps and mail it in. want a four-star hotel at a two-star price? go to when four-star hotels have unsold rooms they use hotwire to fill them, so you get them at ridiculously low prices. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e ♪ >>> it's a fundamental idea, deterrents, giving people life in prison acts as a far greater deterrent than a mere four years. if the assassin of a doctor an abortion provider manages to get a light sent
, owned by people out of europe, people out of america. it's a privately owned bank so. as far as keeping his job, he probably will. the federal reserve made $51 billion in profit in 2009. most people don't really understand that. but for the simple reason that they made more money and profit than exxon mobil did back in 2007. nobody's complaining about that. it's not really anything that he thooze worry about, because like i said, it's a privately run bank called the federal reserve, where we don't have to see their books. it doesn't really matter. he's going keep his job, because he turned a $51 billion profit. i think he's probably in safe hands. that's all i have to say. host: union, missouri, on our republican line. greg? caller: yeah, i think they ought to confirm ben bernanke. i think the other person they need to look at is tim geithner. we need to you'd i am him. he is aware of what the bonuses are about. he led them get the bonuses, and also, a.i.g., we need to look into that. host: what are your reasons for having mr. bernanke reconfirmed? caller: oh, i think he's got some stab
was, they had somehow looked out of touch with the average economic problems of america, period. they do not believe it was a referendum on health care, they believe it's a referendum on this idea whether the president was in touch with the day-to-day problems that americans were facing when it comes to their pocketbook. that's where this change in tone is coming from. that's why the decision to go to ramp up the campaign rhetoric. but i can tell you this also, chris. we don't know if it's going to work until we see it. but this white house has made it clear they're going to be in more campaign mode for this year. number one, there isn't the stomach on capitol hill to have a big legislative fight on anything. it's an election year that just doesn't happen. and two, he's better at campaigning, clearly, they need to get better at delivering a message, because they were terrible about dealing with their message issues throughout most of 2009. he talked about it himself today. he said, people -- he claims they've misread the recovery act, don't understand what's on health care. well
denounced this decision in favor-- basically what they're saying is corporate america, the private sector, is the enemy. we don't like these people. but corporate america has shareholders and employees and basically, as justice scalia argued in his concurrence is part of the free market economy that is basically the system that we've gotten in this country. why are they going to get on the wrong side of that? >> colin, this levels the decision and playing field between corporations because if before you had an exemption under the law if you were a media company like newscorp, our own or the new york times company. nobody says we can't write editorials opposing or endorsing candidates, but if you were another kind of corporation and you didn't own a newspaper or a radio station you were subject to the limits. >> right, i mean, this is a very awkward thing that those rules have created. this is a situation where previous laws have said certain people can speak and certain people can't speak and that's what the supreme court really came out against yesterday and dan makes a good point, you k
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thewere yelling i got our ranslator and they we saying, yeah, america is taking over, viv aamerica. that sows pretty much the wa america to come in andyou ntioned the cordination, it is still uncosure to mewho is complety running the show. those first couple of ays were bsolutely chaos. >> the haitan governmet is meeting utdoors. >> right. andi don't know here the haitian gornment has been in all of th, which is one ofthe reans that the haitis were excited to see the americans. realizing howchaotic ad the vast scale, how you evaluate how effetively te -- the u.s. frses andother forcs who are there are oing at stibting aid and at dng whatever theyan to make the situati better. >> john, it is uch a complicated ocess. it is heartbreaking n that sense because u -- you want people to justush in this and get that aid out. in many ways youan't do that. peoplesk me a lot, why don't they drop food in the city they're doing air dops outside the cit with parachutes and food outside th city. but in the city, you just can't do it. you'll kill people. i saw on day, it i te sinle helicopter go d
to promoting fiscal responsibility and addressing key economic challenges facing america's future. and additional funding is provided by the following supporters- >>> good evening. i'm martin savidge. thank you for joining us. it's been ten days since the earthquake in haiti and today miraculously, a 69-year-old woman was pulled alive from the rubble. increasingly, the focus is on recovering the dead and improving conditions for the many hundreds of thousands just trying to get by. officials say that 200,000 people have left the ruined capital of port-au-prince, reversing decades of those coming into the state official there is a plan for 400,000 people to move them from camps to safer tent cities on the outskirts of port-au-prince. work has already begun in that effort. tonight haiti is a land of contrast. still lots of chaos with some signs that life is returning to normal. that's where we'll begin with the lead focus. rob reynolds of al jazeera english has been observing these contrasts on the streets of port-au-prince. >> reporter: survival of the strongest. people fight over
not qualified for the task. the basic proposition is this. in america, the principle ought to be what you do with your money is your but -- is your business, tax payer money is our business. if the compensation structure causes you to fail, did not take money away from others to bail them out. the purpose of government is not to bail out. it is not to place artificial limits on the american dream. it is to preserve freedom. >> the gentleman from kansas. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> i think financial firms receiving taxpayer assistance should receive the most scrutiny with regards to compensation practices. the most troubling case was an edgy -- was aig, which provided bonuses after taxpayers invested billions of dollars to keep the company solvent. i ask the ceo of the company at the tide if he would encourage employees to voluntarily return their bonuses. he said he would, and executives paid back some of it. in december of last year, we learned it was only $19 million. i wrote secretary dieter about this. -- i wrote secretary timothy geithner about this. if aig were allowed to go through
warming and the price of gasoline are not the only problems presented by america's love of anne lutz fernandez speak for 15 minutes at the new canaan, connecticut library. >> thank you, hello. welcome, and first of all i'd like to think all stray books for inviting me to speak tonight and thank you for coming to listen. my name is anne lutz fernandez, and i wanted to share with you initially just our decision to write the book, where that came from. and it really all happened just a few miles from here at my home in norwalk over thanksgiving weekend about four years ago. my sister and i, were there, our family had gathered, and from various points, driven of course the norwalk and my driveway was filled with cars. and spent a beautiful weekend celebration together. but in very good, as it happened over the past prior few years, the conversation turned to the loss of our cousins in a car crash. shortly after we lost christy, i lost a good friend and a highway crash. these two losses have a profound effect on our lives. we started chewing on the contradictions that the car present, par
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